Sabtu, 20 Mei 2017

Speech text for final examination

Economic Problems in Indonesia
Assalammalikum wr wb

Dear lady lecturer and friends that I am proud of.
First of all let us praise and thank God for the presence of Allah swt
because thanks to his grace we can gather here at this time.
On this occasion, I will deliver a speech on "Economic Problems in
The economic problems of a country usually become one of the main concerns
of the government of the country, not least our country, Indonesia. Since the
monetary crisis in 1998, Indonesia's economic problems have become one of the
government's top priorities.
Indonesia's economic stability is one of the main objectives of the
government so that the people will not suffer from the chaotic condition of the
country's economic condition. However, although often state officials delivered
various speeches on the economic problems of Indonesia, but there is no real
solution to solve the problem of people's economic difficulties.
Until today, the Indonesian economy is still considered to be in an optimal
condition, especially with rising fuel prices, followed by rising prices of
basic commodities. The government seems to be less sensitive to the economic
conditions of the small people.
Is not Indonesia a fertile country rich in natural wealth? Why did not the
government concentrate on managing them all? If the natural resources in
Indonesia can be managed properly, we can export it out of the country and
eventually the state revenue can be increased. So we should be able to start
from now to manage the country's natural resources well and prefer exporting
rather than import to make this country a rich, prosperous and prosperous
country even beyond the developed countries of Europe.

Maybe that's all I can say. More or less I apologize.


Jumat, 12 Mei 2017

My Future Business

Assalammualaikum Wr. Wb.
Back again on my blog Ricki revelation prasetyo. Yes this time I will discuss a bit of his life in the future want to become a businessman that is the business of buying and selling used motorcycles.
Perhaps in today's automotive world has advanced rapidly, would want to have a sophisticated vehicle, and quickly to the destination that will go away. Well that's my goal in the future want to open a business sale and purchase used motorcycles. Well can be said not everyone can afford to buy a new vehicle, while his income is not sufficient for his other needs, because not only the needs of vehicles that must be filled. But even if the motor used, the normal course quality is still the same as the new vehicle and depends also from the care of the user aja.
And for those who want to try to open this business is also not difficult in terms of its capital, your personal motor can be sold to others who want to buy it, and can be from the initial capital, so do not need much capital for the Want to buy jula used this old motorcycle.

Maybe this is what I get up when there is a shortage I apologize profusely. Wasalammualikum Wr Wb.

Minggu, 30 April 2017

Tutorial : How To Make Coffee Milk

Assalammualaikum Wr.Wb.

Back again on my blog, this time I will discuss a little milk milk production tutorial. And may be useful for the readers.

Milk-making ingredients:

  • 1.     Coffee

  •  Sugar

  •  Milk


The first step :
First of all, we are ready a pitcher to cook water. Cook water on the stove that has been turned on, and wait a few minutes later until the water is completely boiling. In order for the germs in the raw water to die and the water becomes clean and healthy.

Step two:
We are ready to powder coffee, milk, and a little sugar to add a sweet taste to the coffee we want to make. And do not forget to prepare a container for a coffee mixer with hot water already in cooking.

Third step :
After waiting for a few minutes the water was already ripe and put into containers that already exist we fill with coffee and a little sugar. Once it has been put in the container, hot water and coffee in stir until mixed all. Then after it is mixed all we filter the coffee into another container for coffee grounds do not come and interfere when drinking.

Step four:
Ready to cup, and fill with milk that is in ready right. Then pour the already filtered coffee into a glass that already contains with milk and stir until blended. And dairy coffee ready to shun the dairy coffee fans.

So is the tutorial about the milk coffee that I can get wassalammualaikum Wr.Wb.

Rabu, 12 April 2017

Ask an expert

Asslamualaikum Wr.Wb
This time I am going to interview one of my friends at the same time martial arts  athletes.
Who is the full name or your nickname?Vironika Puspita Reni
Why do you prefer the martial arts than in other sports?
Initially invited by a friend but over
time I felt comfortable following this martial
Can you tell us a little history of the martial arts?
Pencaksilat or silat is a traditional martial art that originated from Indonesia. This martial art is widely known in Indonesia in addition there is also in neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore and southern Thailand in accordance with the deployment of the various ethnic groups of the archipelago. Parent martial arts organization in Indonesia is the Indonesian Pencak Silat Association (IPSI). Pencaksilat martial sport also requires a lot of concentration, in order to focus on the opponent that we face.
Of various lots of tricks or techniques that you know, can you give some basic techniques that need to be overcome by a beginner?
1. certainly need to be considered form the basic attitude in martial arts, namely a stand.
However, from a stand is divided into three parts, the first is the attitude of the straddle, both a stand upright, and the third one there are 6 attitude of the horse - the horse that underlie the martial arts and the need to know, especially for art lovers martial this.
• Horses Home
• Horses Rear
• Horses Central
• The horses side
• Horses Cross Home
• Horses Rear Cross.
2. Attitude Install InSilat
Install one An attitude with an upright posture by putting both hands in addition to the state of alert, being open enough feet shoulder width apart.
Install two Board remain in an upright position and feet shoulder width apart with both hands clenched fitting parallel to the waist.
Attach three body positions attitude remains in the upright position, feet shoulder-width opening, only for the hands to be lifted parallel kedaan eyes were Position in a cross with an open fist.

Four pairs of legs as usual to have to open shoulder width apart, hands should be lifted at eye level, while posisis cross with already clenched fist.

Jumat, 31 Maret 2017

I Can't Imagine Life Without Electricity

For now live without the use of electricity so is difficult compared to the past. Because the average activity mostly been using electricity. Be it in their daily lives, electricity used for household needs, for goods electronic goods that is in our own homes, such as a small sample of his course television to watch to not be bored at home if longer alone, refrigerator to store food so that no the disturb animals at night and storing vegetables to keep them fresh at the time wanted to cook, can also make ice, and the mother a housewife can start selling ice cubes if there is need.
The electrical current can also turn on the lights at night to arrive in order to illuminate the house so as not to run into the darkness. Because there is no sunlight at night. And for young people who like to use mobile phones or gadgets if there is no electricity then the goods will gradually die anyway because of running out of power. Because it can not charge the battery of the mobile phone.
Well guess now you imagine if there is no electricity today, if the night is still using candles or lamps certainly was not enough to illuminate the night as it is in use if the electricity use for now. If rich people could use to help replace the electricity generator so that his night got a very bright light. If people who do not have generators would certainly darkness at night. Besides living in an age of advanced life now using electricity.

Kamis, 30 Maret 2017

How to Give a Speech

How to Give a SpeechIt's time to overcome what people fear more than death is public speaking. This article will help you through this stressful event. 
See Step 1:

Part One of Three:
preparing Speeches
Choose your speech. Your speech should be summarized in a sentence. It is your speech that really boils down to: what would you start with and what would you conclude. It's simple and people can understand it. And it will be easier for you, too!

2Know your audience. This will determine your overall speech. You will not deliver the same speech for the four-year-olds as you did for the CEO! So know your audience. Here are some things to consider.

3Do not dwell on negative thoughts. Ask yourself, what's the worst that could happen? People will perceive you look odd because they do not give a speech according to the "expectation" of them. No more than that. Think what you will get, overcoming the fear of public speaking.
• Who are they? Age?
• How much do they know about your topic? This will determine the amount of complicated language you can use (hint: if they do not know much, do not need to use it).
• Why do they exist? Taught something? Because they have to? Because they really interested?
• How long have they been there?

Research your subject. If your subject is you, congratulations! You probably already know you like the back of your hand (or arm or leg). But if not, be examined. Pros and cons! If people can poke holes in your argument, it's not a very effective speech.
• Have at least three points to support the message
• Only complicate the audience as much as you can tolerate. Stay away from jargon and technical terms if it will leave your audience scratching their heads and feel out of place

Use stories, humor and metaphor. A speech full of dull, statistics can make the audience bored. Instead, opt for a story - it is easier to follow structure-- and make them live with things like metaphor and antithesis.
• Self-deprecating humor (making fun of myself) have a place. Again, this comes down to knowing your audience and your speech format. A man best speech? Absolutely right. Overcoming the president of your company about the location of the budget? Probably not.
• The antithesis is about using the opposite
6Use flashy adjectives, verbs and adverbs. More about being alive! Take the phrase "bad fishing industry" and change it to "practice fishing industry is terrible." Even something as simple as "We can solve the problem," to "We can quickly solve the problem" is more memorable. your audience may not remember exactly what you said, but they will remember the emotions you are called in themselves.
• Think active, too. "When we had the manpower, we can force change," is much more powerful when it turned around - "We can force change when we have a workforce" Make them sit in their seats, you know?

7 So no hemming and "hawwing", no apology, no "I wonder ...," no "Thank you," only to brass tacks. Do not talk about painting - get right in there and start creating images for them. They are there for your speech, not how you feel about it or how you are feeling right now.

You must have a clear introduction, body and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion should both short and to the point, the conclusion becomes a repetition of the intro. And the body? Well, that's everything else.

Part Two of Three:
practicing Speech
Write down your main points. Now you have all you want to say, write down your main points. Part of what you're not sure of yourself on?
• Get to the point where you feel comfortable giving the speech.
2Memorize. Okay, so this is not super necessary, but certainly a good idea. If you know by heart, you can make eye contact with the audience. Do not stress if you do not have enough time - but if you do, take advantage of it.
• This does not mean that you should go there unarmed. If your mind is empty, you can look around and go to the place where you need to. Send it to someone. This is a great idea for a few reasons:
• Communicate to someone helps you get used to someone looking at you while you're talking. public speaking can be quite intimidating, so it had an audience of practice will help calm your nerves.
• Do they really pay attention. At the end of your speech, ask them what questions arise in their minds. Is there a hole in your argument? Or do something to confuse them?

Practice in front of a mirror and in the bathroom. Really, you have to practice wherever you can. But these two places will be very useful:
• Practice in front of a mirror so you can see your body language. what movement work where? How do you feel about the break and what you do for them?
• Practice in the bathroom because it's probably one you can think of going beyond that. Is your mind a blank on each section?

At that time you might have some idea of ​​how long your speech. You are given a specific time slot or you are given a length requirements for speech. Try to get it comfortably above the minimum and maximum comfortable under - that way if you do not intentionally speed up or slow down.
Third Part Three:Delivering Speech
1Think about your posture and body language. Stand like you have a fig leaf over your crotch is not the way to give a captivating speech. Nor should you go the opposite way and leaning on the podium. It's best to stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, and use your hand as naturally as possible.
• your speech convey some emotion, right? (The correct answer: Yes.) Take a moment and move with them. You use your hands at all times to express emotion. You still communicate with people, only on a larger scale. Although the scale is different, the motion remains the same.

2. if you can use props.
3Know when and how to use the picture. A PowerPoint can be a great addition to speech (for certain topics, at least). Make sure you use it to your advantage! You want them to listen to you, not blown away by the pretty pictures.
• Use graphs to illustrate your point, especially if they are difficult to understand. The images can be more memorable than factoid just told, regardless of how important it may be.
• Do not face the picture when you're talking!
4Select the people in your audience, do not scan. Many people are under the impression scanning is ideal audience - and if it makes you nervous, just sort of scanning the back wall.
5Vary your tone. In general, you should speak with a calm, level to understand and speak clearly. But to keep your audience awake and to keep your speech is dynamic, diverse it. Part you feel passionate about the need to clearly stressed! Talking loudly and with gusto! Pound your fist if you need And then there are parts that would feel more like a lullaby. And even the parts that require a pause to let the emotions set in ... AND THEN BACK UP ramped. This is much more effective orally than on text.
• Show emotions in your tone. Do not be afraid to laugh a little or show a bit of sadness or frustration.

6Do not forget about the break! Think about the phrase, "dihydrogen monoxide killed 50 million people last year. 50 million. Let that sink in." Now think about the sentence with a pause after each period. Got a little more serious, is not it?
• Take your speech and actually write on pause if it will help you.

Conclude by restating your message and say "Thank you." You've been through speeches, no one has died, and it is time for your conclusions. Focus your eyes with the audience, thanking them, smile, and get off the stage.
• Take a deep breath. You do it. The next time you will give a speech about how to give a speech. What are you so nervous in the first place?

Jumat, 17 Maret 2017

My skills is a sport

Assalammualaikum Wr.Wb.
My name Ricki prasetyo revelation, I really like to exercise because exercise can nourish our own bodies. One sport I am interested in the sport of taekwondo is derived from korea, and growing in Indonesia and made in sports achievers.
At the beginning I joined this gym when I meihat vidio on you tube and I was very attracted to this sport. And finally I was enrolled to participate participate in the sport. After I joined the taekwondo sport organizations, I can be a lot of science to self-defense, yes mainly to defend themselves.
After some time to follow the event I attended some open tournament taekwondo championships and several times experienced defeat, the defeat can learn more from the mistakes that are still lacking in mastering the basic technique of taekwondo.
In this sport great power using the foot, because the foot is to find the point in attacking the opponent and to win the game. In a time in the game is one to two minutes in one round. The match not only bring into the fight, but the game moves also.
There is also the basic techniques that need to be mastered by beginners such as kicks and blocks, kicks that need to be in use is a kick sideways, upwards and downwards. That is, with the target from head to stomach. And parry in use when your opponent is about to attack the defense who d use to fend off an opponent kicks, and there is a jug step of the friction with the feet that can not be reached by the opponents kick to us.
So much from me thank you and hopefully useful.